BRFU suspend all activity due to Covid-19

The Bermuda Rugby Football Union have suspended all sporting activity, at all levels, due to the growing threat of Covid-19.

While there are no confirmed cases of the virus on island as yet, with more than 138,500 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 5,000 deaths worldwide, the BRFU executives have taken the decision to suspend any activity including, international events or touring teams, domestic leagues and tournaments, all school rugby, all youth and teen programmes including Mini Rugby, and the Beyond Rugby Programme.

The decision came following this morning’s (Friday’s) discussions, in which the Bermuda Government implemented strategic preventative measures, amongst which include issuing guidelines for ‘social-distancing’, a community effort to reduce direct contact with other people and prevent transmission of the virus.

In a statement given to The Royal Gazette, the executive committee said: “On behalf of the BRFU executive, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment.

“We are navigating unchartered territory as best we can and we understand that the impact of this decision affects everyone.

“We are actively monitoring the development of COVID-19 in Bermuda and will continue our correspondence with local Government, RAN and World Rugby accordingly.

“We will review the landscape again on March 31 and will provide further update to all Union members.”

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