Safety comes first for local clubs

The Bermuda Rugby Football Union continue to put safety first with a first aid training course across all local clubs.

Physiotherapist Shara Crunden, led a crash course in basic CPR and first aid for participants from Bermuda’s four local clubs.

“Rugby is a tremendous sport, especially for young men and woman,” Crunden said.

“It has proven to be a productive outlet both socially and physically. The sport has a physicality that allows one to challenge their body, but with that physicality comes responsibility.”

As World Rugby continues to emphasise the need for safety in rugby, the BRFU strive to maintain the same standard.

The introduction of FAIR (First Aid In Rugby) course last year enabled participants to gain rugby-specific first aid skills to immediately assist an injured player, while gaining a World Rugby recognised qualification.

Sean Field-Lament, the BRFU president, said: “Player welfare is paramount to World Rugby’s platform and here in Bermuda, the Bermuda Rugby Football Union have undertaken a programme of training and awareness led by World Rugby and Rugby Americas North certified-trainer Shara Crunden.

“The courses delivered provide the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities for those involved to deliver basic first aid in rugby. The four local clubs have also taken responsibility to have physio support at hand during the game.”

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