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The Bermuda Rugby Football Union is the overall governing body for Rugby Union in Bermuda and is responsible for organizing all aspects of Rugby in Bermuda, from youth rugby to senior rugby, men’s, women’s, passionate patrons or the casual fan.

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13/10/2018 Mariners WRFC32:5 Police WRFC
13/10/2018 Teachers WRFC5:10 Renegades WRFC
13/10/2018 Mariners RFC0:0 Police RFC
24/11/2018 Teachers RFC12:19 Renegades RFC
24/11/2018 Mariners RFC12:55 Police RFC
24/11/2018 Teachers WRFC0:17 Renegades WRFC
01/12/2018 Police WRFC0:0 Renegades WRFC
01/12/2018 Mariners WRFC0:0 Teachers WRFC
01/12/2018 Police RFC0:0 Renegades RFC
26/01/2019 Mariners RFC0:0 Teachers RFC
26/01/2019 Police RFC0:0 Renegades RFC
26/01/2019 Mariners WRFC0:0 Teachers WRFC
02/02/2019 Mariners WRFC0:0 Renegades WRFC
02/02/2019 Mariners RFC0:0 Renegades RFC
02/02/2019 Police WRFC0:0 Teachers WRFC
23/03/2019 Police RFC0:0 Teachers RFC
23/03/2019 Police RFC0:0 Teachers RFC
23/03/2019 Police WRFC0:0 Teachers WRFC
06/04/2019 vs
13/04/2019 vs

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