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Picture 1950s Bermuda, there was no official Rugby Union as yet, no recognised fixture list and the Island’s major rugby club at the time, BAA, (which later became Mariners RFC) was inundated with players. This understandably left some BAA members disgruntled with the lack of game time on offer.

A group of fearless rebels including Arthur Stuart Tomlinson, Peter Coakes, Bill Acton and Doug Roberts took it upon themselves to break away from BAA and form their own club.

So on the 4th September 1958 (exactly 349 years and 42 days after Sir George had landed), Renegades RFC was founded.

The early days of Renegades RFC weren’t exactly successful on the pitch but the Club established a united front and an attitude still present in its members today.

By the 1980’s the Renegades finally rose to glory, winning the highly coveted league title, with players at the time Des Nash and Phil Heaney still active in the Club today.

In recent years the Renegades RFC Men have continued this winning streak, dominating the league and having numerous Club members represent on the Bermuda National Team.

Renegades Men
2017/2018 League Winners

In 2005 the Renegades Women’s team was formed. Not to be outshone by the Men, they too have held continued success throughout the 13 years of Women’s rugby on the island.

Renegades Women
2017/2018 League Winners

At the very heart of Renegades RFC however is our Club spirit, welcoming new players every season and bestowing our famous hospitality whether on the side line, through our post-match news reports, on our boat parties, at beach rugby in the summer or simply down at the Beach Bar for Friday 5.01 drinks.

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