O’Shaughnessy Enjoying Rugby In Netherlands

Padraic O’Shaughnessy is enjoying rugby in the Netherlands with the Maastricht Maraboes.

The Maastricht Maraboes compete in the second division of the men’s division of the Netherlands Rugby Union. Last year they were promoted from the third division and have enjoyed a successful start to life in the second division.

In the first half of the season, the club finished second in a division of twelve teams, and in the second half of the season, they are competing with the top six teams in the Championship pool for the second division title. O’Shaughnessy started most of the games in the first half of the season and was fortunate to avoid significant injuries.

In the Championship round, O’Shaughnessy’s luck deserted him after a promising start against Breda with a strained hamstring and after four weeks of rehab, he played against Breda again and had a recurrence of the same injury.

After six out of ten games, the Maraboes are tied for first place with a top of the table clash this week against Tooval. O’Shaughnessy is working hard to be back for the business section of the championship.

The Maraboes results for the playoffs to date and O’Shaughnessy’s contributions are as follows:

  • Maraboes 48 Leiden 5
  • Maraboes 32 Breda 17 [1 try]
  • Maraboes 26 Obelix 7
  • Maraboes 12 Tooval 24
  • Maraboes 29 Leiden 27
  • Maraboes 38 Breda 17 [3 tries]

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